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7 Steps to become a super rich

April 09, 2020

Refer ‘Money Master the game’ - Tony Robin, and how i’m applying. This article is about HOW, not about WHY.

Rose Flower

This rose is associated with a method or prayer. Not important for this article.

1. Define your goals CLEARLY and MEASURABLE

Clearly define your goals. What do you want, ever get there. Break down into stages, small goals. Write it everywhere, stick it all over the house. Make sure you see it every day, always thinking about it. And it is always in your mind.

2. Turn it into game.

And you do everything you can to win this game. Measure it daily. For example, if you want to lose weight, put the scale right in the living room, wake up every morning to jump on the scale, mear the eduction. If you want to make money, count the amount of money in your wallet, in your account daily, listing all income & expence until the goal is reached.

3. Turn it into a prize-wining game.

Every time you reach your goal, reward yourself. If the goal is too big, divide it into several small goals, and reward yourself for reaching small goals. You can get a reward firs, if you don’t get it, return the reward.

4. After achieving the goal: Think of it as a tiny goal.

Disregard it, despise it because it is easily achieved. Set new goals.

To be excel at one field

1. Simulate the best people in that field.

List 3 - 5 best people in that field. Simulate them, what they learn, learn it. what they do, do it. Who they follow, you follow. Simulate how they dress. Even if you know their time, their schedule, do the same thing.

2. Total immerse yourself in that goal

Use total power, all energy to thing & do about it. For example, when you want tobe an expert on Frond End Dev. Eat, sleep, play, thing about it, repeat & repeat. Anytime: morning, afternoon, evening.. all about it, even weekend, think about it. Play with those who relate to that goal. List the best people, follow and join the group with them. Stop all other goals, take action regardless of reason to achieve that goal. Concentrate on that goal, one time, do only one thing.

3. Number of repetitions

It doesn’t matter how long you do it. it’s important how many times you do it. For example, It doen’t matter how long you learn programming, it’s important how many projects you complete. It doesn’t matter how long you tech. It’s important how many classes you tech. Study every course, do the exercises over and over again. Listen to the entire audio and videos the best people teach. Rewrite, repeat, recite each sentence of them, the best person you’re following.

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